jueves, 25 de enero de 2007

Interview with Manuel Martínez

First words of Manuel Martínez after his change to rotational technique:

We were thinking about it for several years and we didn´t take the risk. Me and my coach were sure that the rotational technique was better for my phisiologycal and anthropometry caracteristics than guide technique. The problem was we need an anuual great result to mantein Spanish Federation support. But now is probably the best momment to take this decision because we are older and if we have to sacrifice one year without federation support, we will do it All thing will be for throw 22 meters in Pekin!

Another important factor to consider is that in last 15 years (since Wernhor Ghuntoer did) nobody who use guide technique pass 22 meters barrier, and various throwers did it spinning. I think that my personal best 21,47m is my limit using guide technique and now that I have 32 years, is very difficult for me get to the explosive power levels that I had in the past when I threw 21 meters all weekends. But in the other hand, I mantein very high levels of maximal power and speed that could help me to throw another time over 21 meters using rotational technique.

This is the most risked decission in my athletic career, but me and my team believe this is the best road to the Olympics.

More in: http://www.manuel-martinez.com/index.php

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